Halfway through Internship

WOW.. Where has the time gone? I cannot believe that there are only a few months left of internship! During the past few months, I was able to gain experience through shadowing and assisting with presentations, gain knowledge about the Hawaiian Humane Society, and be surrounded by so many positive people.

This photo was taken at the Children & Youth Day Event that was held on October 1st. I helped to plan and lead the event. We were able to educate about 700 children about the importance of care for animals.

I am looking forward to the upcoming events and presentations that I will be involved in and being able to learn more and gain experiences that I will be able to use in my future.



And the purrfect adventure begins :)

Intro Blog Photo

Aloha Everyone! My name is Kelcey Goya and I am a senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I am majoring in Family Resources and will graduate in Fall 2017. This is actually my first time volunteering at the Hawaiian Humane Society, so I am extremely excited to be here interning during my Fall semester.

I am excited to be able to work in the Education department of the Humane Society, as one of my main goals are to work with the youth. My previous future career interest was to pursue a degree in Elementary Education, as I enjoy working with children and being able to interact and teach them. However, with Family Resources I am able to widen my possibilities for my future while still being able to enjoy what I do and surround myself with different people. For the Hawaiian Humane Society, I am excited and looking forward to working on different events. During my internship, I hope to plan for these events and put my planning into action to educate youth about the importance of caring for animals.

An adventure? Alpaca my bags!

IMG_4851Aloha! My name is Blaine Judd and this is my first week interning with Marielle and the Volunteer and Outreach Programs here at the Humane Society! I am currently a senior at UH Manoa studying Political Science and Women’s Studies. I previously volunteered with the Humane Society during high school, and I’m looking forward to taking my experience and learning to the next level!

I currently own no pets (my mother is allergic to both cats and dogs, although my father has wanted a bulldog for years), but at one time I owned about 60 baby chameleons! I previously volunteered for several years with horses and I love all animals. I am excited to be able to learn about the different aspects of the Humane Society over the next 5 months. I will hopefully take what I have learned by the end of this internship and apply it to my goal of working in and with the government to help animals. The Hawaiian Humane Society not only helps animals, but also the community. I can’t wait to reach out and give a helping hand to those in my community whether it be by the Pet Food Bank or Foster care! I am looking forward to helping with exciting events such as the PetWalk or Santa Paws. I can’t wait to learn more about how to help animals.

Mahalo ~Blaine

A Purrfect Summer

Aloha everyone!  My name is Jera Murakami and I am a senior at the University of Hawaii Manoa.  I’m a Family Resource major, planning to graduate in Fall 2017.   I am very excited to be a part of the Education Department for my internship, especially because I have some background in education.  I was an Elementary Education major dueling in early childhood development studies; however I switched to Family Resources for more job opportunities to give back to the community.  I’m still considering being an Elementary teacher in the future since I love working with children, keeping Teachers of America Program in mind to pursue it.  Being on the Education Departments intern, I am extremely excited and I hope my experience with working with younger children and education background can help.

A little about myself, I have a guinea pig named Scout.  I got him three years ago from a Petco, and ever since he’s been my baby.  Scout loves to follow me around the house when I take him out of his cage, and loves to purr.  Very friendly, and does not nip people.  I always wanted more animals as pets, but was never allowed to get dogs (LOVE PITBULLS), Cats (Munchkin), etc.  Technically was not supposed to even have Scout, but how could you say ‘No’ to his cute face after I brought him home.    


I participated in the Teens4Animal program the last 2 weeks with Jesslin and 2 other interns.  This program expedites the needed training to volunteer at the Hawaiian Humane Society for the teens.  The program has many hands on opportunities to learn about the animals and to work with them.  I too, went through the training with the teens since I did not previously get the volunteer experience to handle the animals.  I enjoyed participating and learned a lot about humane farming, animal body language, dog walking and that cats can get clicker trained.  Teens4Animals is a great program to gain experience with the animals as well knowing how you can make your voice heard by advocacy.

Purrr-fect Endings

Jeff Chung - Empty Bowl Hawai'i 2017My time here at the Hawaiian Humane Society has been amazing and I’m sad to see it end. The past three months flew by; from just starting out and figuring everything out to holding my own presentations and hosting a booth at YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day. The experiences that I have gained here will help me in my future endeavors when I leave the Hawaiian Humane Society.

My biggest accomplishment during my time here has to be hosting the booth at the YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day where there were around five thousand visitors exploring the event. The lines for our booth were always long and we were able to help educate and reach out to 621 families that day! This was my first experience hosting on my own at such a large event, and it allowed me to improve my skills in communication, management, marketing, and creativity.

                I am so thankful to have completed my internship here with the Hawaiian Humane Society. Not only was I able to improve my skills, but I was able to hang out with animals while I did it! This has been such a great experience working with such amazing people!

Barking Up a Storm

Halfway through my internship now. It’s been going by a little too fast for my taste. I been realizing a lot as an intern here at the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS).  Some of those things are that I love animals, I want to help animals, and that I can help make a change in the community while working with the HHS.  Even though I was using the HHS to figure out who I am and what military branch I wanted to join or  what Military Occupational Speciality (MOS) I wanted to go into. But while here at the HHS and doing what I been doing I was able to get help from everyone around me, they helped me figure out what branch and MOS I wanted. My branch is United States Army. My MOS is 68 Whisky also known as a combat medic or health care speciality. Even though everyone around me helped me pick it, it’s still my choice.


By my choice I mean that I deep down want to do this. Deep down want to help people or anyone in general. Being grateful to everything I have in my life and being humble, putting people first before myself. Thinking about doing this was amazing I thought about the lives  I could save, the people I could bring home back to their families. I don’t want this for recognition or to be famous or to even be thanked by the people I save because deep down I know it was right to do and I love the fact that I could bring them home. The HHS has shown me this through the events I have gone to and the dogs that they have helped. Giving them a home and giving them love, I love that they don’t do it for recognition or to be thanked but because it’s rights. They were not the only people to help me but they did help me see what it means to help for love.


Mahalo, Dakota.  


Halfway there!

IMG_3933 I can’t believe that this internship is coming to an end. When I first started at the Humane Society, I thought it couldn’t get any better. I was able to play with animals, hangout with some awesome volunteers, and be in an office where every one was so nice. I’ve been able to gain knowledge and experiences that I never thought I would at the Society, and it has been nothing but positive in my life. I’ve really learned so much here, from learning how to make a good caption, to different skills to use in successful communication, and what it really means to love your job.

Although my time as an intern here is coming to an end, I’m glad there’s still some time to go. I’m so excited about the events that are still coming up, the puppies and kitties I’ll get to fall in love with, and more lessons to learn in the office.